Roman Catholic Baptisms in Diemen, 1692-1812

Church books are an important resource in researching Dutch citizens before the introduction of civil registration. As a result, many of these church books are available online, along with indexes to all entries. However, the Roman Catholic church books of Diemen, a town nearby Amsterdam, were not. Having used indexes made by many other people throughout the years, this inspired me to give back and index all Roman Catholic baptisms in Diemen between 1692 and 1812. Up until 1787 these baptisms took place in a clandestine church in Overdiemen, and from then on the baptisms took place in “de Hoop”, constructed (and still standing!) in Diemerbrug.

During this time, 1672 baptisms took place under 9 different pastors. Feel free to use the datasets below, as long as you refer back to this page somehow (mostly because I strongly believe it should be possible to track the origins of indexes). As the baptisms were originally recorded in two separate books, I have created separate files for each. Scans of the originals are available here, here and here.

The top photo is a private photo taken by Willem R. J. Vermeulen in December 2013. Feel free to re-use the photo, under CC-BY-SA 3.0.

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